The Ring group is your specialist in perforating and embossing since over 50 years. Decades of experience and continous advancement enable us to supply high technical standard of perforating. Either design development, perforating contract work, machines, tools or maintenance and regrinding service -

all from one source!

Ring is one of the most important manufacturers and suppliers of perforated material. The product range includes machines and tools for perforating and em-bossing. Perforating contract work for almost every material and complete solutions according to individual requirements are our strength. Highly skilled personnel and modern production facilities effec-tuate products of highest quality level.

You can find us world-wide!

  • Asia: RING China
  • Europe: RING Deutschland, RING Slowakei, RING Polen
  • North-America: RING USA Inc. & A.&M. RING Inc.
  • South-America: RING do Brasil LTDA & RING Sao Paulo