Dosemat DD

The Dosemat DD is the highest equipment level of Dose tannery drums. Compared to a 1 chamber drum the 3 chamber system in y-construction allows an effective milling and a 60 % higher loading.
Furthermore the hides are evenly rinsed with less water and chemicals. The Dosemat DD consists of two drums, which are firmly connected together. The inner drum is entirely perforated. The dip outs and the channels are placed at the back to enable the transport of the float in both directions to the mixing unit. The measuring instruments to record all important parameters are also connected at the back and the here added chemicals are evenly distributed in the whole drum within seconds. Depending on the machine size 700 and 2000 liter float per minute can be circulated.

- The Dosemat DD works with significantly less float than all comparable tannery drums.
- Water and chemicals are mixed in seconds and distributed in the drum
- The float is evenly distributed over the entire width of the drum
- Chemicals and pigments are quickly absorbed of the leather
- Quick float change and exact control
- Possibility to control temperature and pH-value
- Control of water quantity = control of chemical intensity
- Effective and soft movement without cracks

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