Perforating and Embossing

The company Ring Perforation & Embossing Ltd. is your specialist in Perforating and Embossing since over 50 years. Decades of experience and continuous further developments enables us to transfer highest standards of perforation to you. Whether contract perforation or design development, we have several possibilities to implement your requirements.

The company Ring Perforation & Embossing Ltd. is worldwide one of the biggest service providers regarding contraction perforation. Our applications are found in the automotive-, shoe-, textile-, clothing-, medicine- /food industry and also in the orthopedics and acoustics industry.

We are perforating leather, textiles, non-woven, microfibre, artificial leather, foamed materials paper, foiles, as well as non-metallic materials. Even perforations are often applicated in daily use, they are only partly aware, because they only meet technical aspects e.g. air circulation/heat exchange.

We offer contract perforation worldwide, which means your material can be perforated according your requirements in one of our facility around the globe. Besides contract perforation we manufacture perforating machines and perforating tools to meet special request and demands of our customers.

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