Welcom at Ring Group

For more than 50 years the Ring Group is your specialist in all matters relating to perforating and embossing. These decades of experience combined with continuous further development enables us to share highest technical standards of perforating with you. Whether design development, contract perforation, machinery, tools or maintenance and grinding service - you receive all from one source. We offer contract perforation world wide, that means your material will be perforated according your specifications in one of our production plants around the globe. We are manufacturers of perforating machines and tools according to customer request and requirements. We are at your disposal world wide. 

Our company was founded 80 years ago. Today 400 employees are working for us worldwide. Ring is a locally based company with an international focus. Mechanical developments and the fabrication of high quality machines as well as contract perforation are parts of our specific portfolio. We produce Perforating Machines, Embossing- and Cutting Machines as well as special machines, devices/equipment and tools according to our customers request.

In the last centuries we have specialized us in the production and further development of Perforation Machines. Satisfying customers world wide stand for the quality of our products. The scope of our power spectrum is not only the manufacturing of perforating machines but also the contract work. The Ring Company provides modern equipment and state-of-the-art machinery for premium products. Our production ranges from conventional production to CNC production, from small to big hole sizes. Several high-end CAD/CAM working places and top educated personnel enables us to develop, to construct and produce according to the specification of our clients.