Production drums

For the best leather quality. If one likes to fabricate leather of high quality, the right ingredients must be chosen. Starting with the best raw material over high-quality chemicals and pigments up to the best machines. With our production quality, we offer you the highest quality to be found in this field. Our expertise in this sector reaches back to the 1940s and was continuously advanced. That is what you will benefit from. With our interior construction, you will always have the cleanest drums. There are no dead spaces where dirt can be collected. You first want to colour a black load and afterwards a white one? This will be no problem with the Dosemat.

With the Jet-Cross-Flow System, the Dosemat is equipped with the most effective fleet circulation available on the market. The result is a most regularly re-circulation of your leather with chemicals and pigments which can be obtained.

Highest quality for best leather!

• Capacity: 100 kg – 9,000 kg (shaved weight)
• Individualisation: 1 chamber/ 3 chambers/ pins/ shelves
• Fastest and cleanest fleeting via mixing chamber directly to the canalization
• Fast loading and emptying via extra large doors (up to 3.5 m²)
• Fastest fleeting circulation via Jet Cross Flow System

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