Testing and laboratory drums

Research and development are the cornerstones of successful companies. Our trial drums are available in three models. VG is a trial drum in Dosemat-style with integrated fleet circulation and a direct heating, via electronic heating. The VGI is specially designed for very short fleets. The right temperature is obtained due to a separate circulated heating liquid. The PFI is a machine having several load chambers in order to have the possibility to execute parallel trials.

All models are available in different sizes and are manufactured in the well-known Dose quality. They are characterized by their superior finishing quality and their cleanliness. Thus, reproducible tests are possible and the obtained results can flow into the production process. The bigger trial drums are also suitable to produce individual small amounts on special customer demand.

• Capacity: 2 kg – 400 kg (shaved weight)
• Electrical heating or heating with steam possible
• Reproducible tests
• Highly scalable results for production
• Ultra-clean: suitable for cleanroom

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