Heelseat – Forming - machine

Model ASF-5
To produce a high quality shoe, it is indispensable to eliminate the unevennesses reluting from the seat lasting operation in order to achieve an almost even healseat part on the lasted uppers. With the recently developed and patented moulding system on our new model ASF-5 an outstanding shape of the heelseat to the counter of the last is being obtained. This excellent working result is achieved by high pressure of the lasted uppers against a heated steelplate, and very important, by a lateral pressure of a specially designed teflon form. The pressure of the tefon tape and the pressure in the area of the lasting margin are adjustable on regulating valves and controlled by pressure gauges.

The electronic heating regulation grants that the adjusted temperature is kept.

The shoe is driven automatically into the machine respectively out of the machine and the machine can be operated from the operator of the heel lasting machine, too.

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