Shoe Bottom Pressing

Model SOP 5
for flattening the lasting margin
With this machine not only the whole shoe bottom of lasted shoes or shoes produced in the so-called “Strobel-Process” can be pressed and levelled, but – if it is requested – also the sidewall-area (toe and heel) of the shoe can be pressed with the help of additional teflon-bands.
The function and technology of the machine is described as follows: After treadle is released the pressing-pad is travelling up at an adjusted pre-pressure. Now the self-adjustable pads (lamella-pads), which are mounted on springs, automatically adapt to the shoe bottom. Now the teflon-bands move to the toe and the heel and then the main pressure is building up.
All the cycles will be executed automatically as soon as the treadle is pushed.
The design of the pressing-pads is universal, so that also shoes with different heel-heights can be processed.

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