Backpart moulding - machine

Model FFS 34
Perfect processing of men, ladies, children, security and heavy travelling shoes with look at view of topline for processing of thermo or Lefa - counters

With this machine, that has some new innovation and some improvements, highest quality is reached, for either thermoplastic or lefa counters.
wrinkle-free wiping-in in the area of the heel
- special pressing of the lasting margin an optimal working result is achieved.

- With a compact pincer pull
- high pressure of the pressing pads
- To getting back free of fold in the area of the heel and with one
- special pressing of the lasting margin an optimum loss of working hours is achieved.
- With sensitive materials the pressing pads can open separately and drive 10 mm upwards, this means no pressure points.
By the new construction one is able fast and simply different tool lengths of 80 mm; 90 mm; 115 mm or 140 mm insert

The machine is equipped serially with:
SPS Control.
The setting of the pressure is regulated about proportional valves and is readable, in addition, in the pressure
The temperature of every work station for strips and cushions is adjustable
Also the pressing time is adjustable for the activation and the pressing unit
Every article can be stored away with different materials and is to be processed any time again Retrievable around the same article under the same prerau's settlements.

The machine can be equipped with:
- activation unit for thermoplastic counters
- cooling unit to work on thermoplastic counters
- wiping in equipment for lasting margin
- special pressing for lasting margin
- height stop for lasting margin
- heated moulds for lefa counters
- Last can be heated or cooled

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