Backpart Moulding-Machine

Model FFS 44 - 4
Backpart Moulding Machine for the moulding of finished shoes

The Machine is ready to mould finished shoes with thermoplastic counters.

How this shoes should look like?
1. Slim and optical good looking slip
2. Pressed upper edge in slip area
3. Smooth, attached lining material
4. Perfectly moulded Thermo-Counter

All this can be achieved with our model FFS 44. The machine can be delivered with two pair of moulds, one hot and one cold, or with four pair of moulds, two hot and two cold. As per request machine can also have 6 work-stations as shown in this leaflet.

Working method of this machine:
First the shoes will be delivered to the machine pair by pair to hot and then immediately to the could moulds. Temperature of the aluminium-lasts and pressing moulds is controlled electronically and indicated by luminous figures. A pressure control to press the side pads, a timer and a control of compressed air are serial equipment.

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