Cold polishing machine

Model  KAPO 3-1
Universal usable cold polishing machine with one drive, two shafts and digital indication of number of revolutions for grinding and polishing.
The driving motor with 2,2 KW is controlled electronically by a frequency converter so that it works powerful and constantly even in low speed range of engine.
The speed range of engine is between min. 400 and max 1600 rotations per minute.
A rapid change equipment makes it possible to change the polishing disk without working tool.

Model  KAPO 3-2
Same machine as described before but with two electronic drives that can be controlled separately.
The advantage of this machine is that different numbers of rotations cause a better result by wax application and polishing. An optimal grinding finish can only be reached if the machine is adjustable according to the demands. Further on the wear of disks can be reduced by adjusting different speeds.

Both machines can be used for processing boots, too

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