Pre Marking unit for Borders of Uppers

Modell S 741
- two machines in one -

At this unit the working head can be adjusted infinitely in vertical or horizontal direction.
In vertical position the height of the sole edge is marked at the upper leather of the lasted shoe within seconds.
To enable the pin to draw exactly you can adjust a special degree-number (for example 45°) on the unit.
In horizontal position a belt will be lubricated after the  roughing process so that no cement will come into touch with the upper leather.
The stretching of the shoe is made by two pneumatic cylinders which are controlled by a foot pedal. The pressure is infinitely variable.
The turning movement of the shoe can always be in one direction - to the left or to the right.
The pad is filled with water. The advantage is that the sole is pressed toward the upper equaly.
Advantages compared with the type page 74 A
Reinforced cylinders Drm 50
Distance to the water pad 50 mm bigger
With rattle for only one rotation direction. To change easily from the left on on the right
With brake pneumatically adjustable the shoe thereby always remains on position
Pad 50 mm longer and wide
Ergonomic job, the working height is electrically height adjustable

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