Roller Coating Machine

Modell WAM 18
With the type WAM 18 we introduce a further development of our world-wide proven roller coating machines. The new compact and closed construction makes it even tougher within the rough practical use. The aggregates have been placed protected, but nevertheless they are easily accessible. the compact machine frame has been made out of a solid welded construction. The application roller can be a raster or  design roller according to choice. The drive is effected directly via a coupling which is disengeable during standstill. The counter pressuree roller has been equipped with a rubber surface to even-out thickness differences of the leather. The drive is achieved directly via a slip-on gear mechanism. The adjustment of the distance between application and counter pressure roller is made via two handwheels with position indicator. The pressure of the counter pressure roller is pneumatic. The doctor blade device is solid and torsion-free dimensioned. The pressure of the doctor blade is pneumatically infinitely adjustable. To avoid the running in of the doctor blade into the application roller , the doctor device is oscillating The colour space is effectively sealed off by shaped teflon pieces at the side. As special execution the colour feeding can be equipped with an automatic colour leveling device. The transport of the leather into the machine can be achieved according to execution by a silicone belt running over the counter pressure roller or by means of a feeding-in belt separated from the counter pressure roller and running over arris. This has been designed for a precise passing-on between the rollers. A spreading belt arranged above the feeding-in belt should ensure a through feed of the leather without pleats. The speed of all rollers and belt drives are infinitely adjustable via frequency converters and are digitally indicated at the switch board. The machine conforms to the safety regulations of the leather trade association.

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