Universal Table Ironing Machine

Model TB 1
The pneumatic table – ironing - machine is used around materials to ironing.
To achieve a perfect cementing between upper leather and textile lining, that is coated with hot glue, the exact temperature and the necessary pressure to have to be reached as soon as possible.
The activation of the parts is reached by the hot plate which is covered with a Teflon foil. Thereby can be also worked with high temperatures.
The machine has two tables in the change are equipped. The table size amounts to 800 x 600 mm.
The working height can be put electrically. The working height amounts minimally to 850 mm and maximum 1200 mm.
The pressure to the ironing of 9.4 KN (6 bar) is reached by 2 cylinders.
As an extra equipment there is the machine also with a pressure to the ironing of 18.8 KN (6 bar) with 4 cylinders are reached.

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