Crimping machine

Model W 51
We made the experience that this machine obtains excellent working results.
Agreeable operation because crimping tool drives into lateral jaws that means working height stays the same.

Serial equipment:
- heated crimping tool and heated lateral jaws the temperatures are controled electronically
- adjustment of distance between crimping tool and lateral jaws
- Pressure of the lower mould adjustable to avoid
- marks on smooth materials are avoided
- To bring the leather into right position there is a table with scale on the lateral jaws

The processing of the machine is as follows:
- "Stop-and go"-procedure of the downward- movement of the crimping tool:
- operation of the foot valve = downward movement; release of the foot valve = stop
- After having brought the vamp into its position and after having released the foot pedal, the adjusted crimping period starts.
- After the crimping process is finished and the upper mould went up the lateral jaws are opened by a spreading device.
-  To obtain a good crimping result and not to produce any waste (cracking leather) it is very important to steam the vamps before crimping.

We have developed the steaming unit type VBD 5 with which each vamp can be damped intensively on both sides within 6 sec. This avoids cracking of the leather and causes the leather to hold its shape better. The steam can be turned off if leathers are processed whose surface should not get into touch with moisture.

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