Hydraulic cement seat and shank lasting machine

Model FZ – CC
Hydraulic Side- und Heel Seat Lasting Machine with PLC-Control

Machine cycles are programmable according to the different styles (patterns). The programme can be adapted and changed by a “touch-panel”. Technical parameter you can see on screen very clear and easy to understand. Adhesive will be attached in shank and heel seat area by programmable tracers (nozzles). Shank lasting element are also programmable and can be moved by motors. The side pads can be adjusted by step-motors according to shoe size. For inner and outer contour of the shoe (last), different parameters can be pre-programmed.

2 pincers are available for pulling the upper in the area in between heel seat and shank area.
Automatic system is providing the balance between different last-heights and different distance of the last pin.

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