Pneumatic Toe and Ball Lasting Machine

The SZP 9 CD
Pneumatic Toe Lasting Machine with industrial PC as well as PLC control, ball-lasting, rod-cement applied with short extruder in the toe followed by computerised cement-tracers, 9 pincers.

The SZP 9 CD is an universal Toe- and Ball-Lasting Machine. The machine is dedicated to last all kind of shoe-types: Mens-, Ladies-, Children-Shoes of all heel-heights using all available uppermaterial like leather, synthetics, textile-materials etc.

This excellent Lasting-System is able to last the shoe from the toe until the beginning of the shank-area (= over the ball-area) and therefore next lasting operations can be done more easily and simple.

 A high output can be reached due to:
-       Easy loading of the upper into the pincers located above the wiping head
-       Fixed wiping head
-       exact pre-programmed working process and elimination of adjustments, when changing the machine to different lasts and last-styles

The Machine can be fitted either with 7 or 9 pincers as per customers request.

 The machine output very much depends on the operator and the machine cycles, however, up to 150 pairs per hour can be achieved.

 A smooth and constant working result is guaranteed by the absolute accuracy in repeating the machine cycles of different last-styles due to the perfect PC control-system.

The attaching of the lasting cement from toe to ball-area is very precise due to the programmable tracer-system in the machine, obsolete adhesive no longer has to be removed and there is also no danger of having lasting cement inside the shoe. The following operations like toe-scouring, shoe-bottom-roughing and –cementing can be done much easier. Marks due to an excess of adhesive, when attaching very thin soles later and also adhesive inside the upper can be completely avoided.

Perfect lasting results over the ball-area can be achieved for all different shoe sizes using a ball wiping method, which adapt itself automatically to the correct size and as well as to the left or the right shoe. This ensures a perfect preparation for a successful using of a “2-Machine-Lasting-System”.

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