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Many of our departments were previously independent companies and have already taken different paths to automate their machines. With the foundation of our own automation department, we were able to bundle all experiences and results, which represent an intersection of the results of the individual departments, in the first step. Since then, we have been using them and improving them continuously. In addition, at the interdepartmental auomatization meetings, one of the departments already has a solution approach ready for most special cases, which was previously created in-house as a custom-made solution for a customer.

As a result, we can offer you a broad program of the most diverse solutions in our group of companies on the subject of automation

- Automatic handling systems to complement your machine
- Various gripping and pick-up devices
- Laser technology
- Optical controls
- Video monitoring
- Acquisition of important parameters and alarm functions
- Automatic dosing, valve control, pneumatics, hydraulics
- Higher-level measurement technology, from pH values to thermal values to power consumption
- Higher-level control and monitoring software

Challenge us, we deliver the solution!

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